Young Leaders’ Programme at Chemin Controls & Instrumentation Private Limited, Pondicherry

Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management (SAFIM) conducted ‘Young Leaders’ Programme, for Management trainees of Chemin Controls & Instrumentation Private Limited, Pondicherry. It was conducted as a 2-part module on 21st October and 16th December 2017. Mr. P. Rangaraj, the founder and Chairman of Chemin Controls & Instrumentation Private Limited, was present in the workshop.

This program deals with the qualities that enable individuals to envisage a dynamic vision for the future, to harness innate leadership potential within them to deliver the vision into a successful reality and to contribute in the larger social orb that extends beyond the boundaries of their work and personal life. The program is facilitated in an experiential format to help assimilate and actualize the learning more effectively.

Sessions of the programme held at Chemin C & I Campus, Pondicherry. The programme was highly appreciated and the trainees actively participated in all the sessions.

The program enabled students to open up, introspect on themselves, and get a deeper and clearer perspective of different aspects of self and surrounding.

Some of the feedback received from the audience:

The program on both days focused on self-analysis considering it as the first step for self-development in the journey to reach the leadership status. I feel the Program was very relevant to the topic. The program was more interactive and participative. Hence the purpose of the Programme was well taken by the participants. – P. Rangaraj, Founder Chairman, Chemin C & I.

The program had taken out all my negative thinking, which was holding me from expressing myself. – Bala Kumaran U, Chemin C & I.

I personally request to extend the program to one or two week, so that people can develop to next level of their life. – R. Ganesh Kumar, Chemin C & I.

It is an awesome program. More such sessions need to be conducted. – Sundara Nayagam. P, Chemin C & I.

This program creates self-awareness, which is very important for everyone. - P. Thirumalai Ram Prakash, Chemin C & I.

This program has helped me to have an idea about who am I & what I know about myself. – J. Nirmal Paschal, Chemin C & I.

Very interesting – helped me understand body, mind, emotions and soul as separate entities. – R. Kiran Kimar, Chemin C & I.