Workshop on Self Development

On July 10, 2018, Rupa S, Director, SAFIM conducted an introductory workshop on ‘Self Development’ for the GRE and IELTS aspirants enrolled for coaching and mentorship with Manya – The Princeton Review, at their Adyar centre in Chennai. Around 35 students gathered to reflect upon their personal aspirations and the different resources they have around them and within themselves to work towards realizing their vision.

The 2-hour session started with an interesting format of self-introduction where each of the young participants tried defining themselves beyond their general demographic details. Through interactions and a couple of self-exploratory activities the participants tried to define their goals and the challenges and opportunities that they anticipate in their journey towards their goals. Subsequently they were taken to the realm of their individual selves where challenges and opportunities seemed interchangeable depending on their inner attitude.

The participants, all looking forward to a successful and prosperous future, responded to the workshop by remarking that the workshop helped them to have a new glimpse at themselves and at life, and this will be useful in all their pursuits.