Workshop on Science of Living: Towards Life Beautiful on May 2016

A 3-day Summer Retreat, “Science of Living: Towards Life Beautiful”, conducted every year by Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management (SAFIM), was held between May 26th and 28th at the Society Office. The experiential Retreat is aimed for individuals and families including children.

The sessions held during the Retreat aimed to simplify the knowing of the self, the connect with one’s higher purpose and thereby also the petty struggles of daily life by giving them a new, enhanced and enriched perspective.  The workshop was all-inclusive: the families came to learn and grow together. Few sessions were combined together for parents and children and many were held separately for the growth was needed in different directions for the respective age groups. Various activities and real-life circumstances made the workshop more relatable.

Through insightful discussions and self-observations, the participants sought deeper definitions of these essential components and reflected on the true purpose of life. This intensive introspection was for three days.

Day One was mostly spent with reflections on life’s various aspects and needs and demystifying the essence of each one of them. Children had an experience of various alternate ways of learning – creative, reflective and experiential.

Day Two was centred on relationships and the elements that weave and un-weave the bonding between individuals. Participants deliberated at length on Love, Trust, Harmony, and other important factors through experiential sessions. Children had sessions to express and learn through creativity.

On the final day, all the participants were taken to SHARANAM for an experience of Peace and Universal Interconnectedness amidst natural surroundings of the venue. On return, discussions were held on the tools for a beautiful life concluding with a session on collective aspiration for beauty, peace and harmony.

At the closing hour of the 3-day Retreat, participants shared inspiring feedback.


The workshop made the introspection clearer; many aspects of the self were unknown until the workshop was undertaken.  It taught how to combat the worldly pressures.Mithumita Bardhan

It was one of a kind of experience-nothing like the school ones. Drawing was the best experience as it was calming to the nerves.Meera Upasana (14-year old participant)

The workshop made the experience of the self, deeper while exploring of strengths and limitations. The step-by-step working threw more light on our daily problems and how one can minimize them.Smriti B Vaishnav

The context of the workshop was well-aligned and the relation between the self and the Divine was dealt well.M J S Chelladurai