Workshop on Science of Living: Towards Life Beautiful in Bangalore

A 2-day workshop on “Science of Living: Towards Life Beautiful” was jointly organized by the Sri Aurobindo Society, J.P.Nagar, Bangalore and Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management (SAFIM) Pondicherry on 26th-27th July 2014.

The workshop attended by 25 participants across the various section of society including senior executives of corporate houses like TVS, Cognizent, Infosys to name a few.

This workshop for individuals aimed to explore one’s true purpose of life and find beauty, peace and harmony in one’s daily life through a deeper understanding of oneself and the various aspects of one’s life.

Through interactive sessions facilitator Prof. Saikat Sen discussed elaborately the subtle elements of life and true meaning of different aspects of life like health, career, money, relationship etc. Through insightful discussions and self-observations, the participants sought deeper definitions of these essential components and reflected on the true purpose of life.

All participants actively participated in all sessions particularly in the outbound activities. These two days of experiential journey unraveled many opportunities to make life beautiful.

Shri Ajit Sabnis, Chairman of Sri Aurobindo Bhavan Complex, Bangalore, in his valedictory speech nicely explained the relevance of the theme of the workshop to the present context with special emphasis to science & technology.


Feedback from the Participants:

This workshop was very relevant to day to day life. Faculty articulated very well to use tools for life beautiful.  

– Mr. Anant Kulkarni.

My overall experience is very good, helps to look back and sets platform for now and future.       

– Mr. V. Anil Kumar.

We can apply and that is what the real take away and it helped with points for applying it in our day to day life.                                                                                                                                                           

– Mr. Harisimha S.