Workshop on Rajarshi Leadership at PTC Finance Services Ltd, Delhi

A 3-hour experiential workshop (boardroom wisdom) on ‘Rajarshi Leadership’ was conducted for senior executives of PTC Finance Services Ltd. at India Habitat Centre in New Delhi on 1st June 2017. It aims to understand the relevance and the possible means of becoming a Rajarshi Leader through a dynamic self-introspection and a subsequent widening of the self into an immersive oneness with the universe.

The workshop was conducted by Saikat Sen. He facilitate the process of understanding of the concept of Rajarshi which is the ancient Indian concept where leadership became transformative when it harmonized the command and dynamism of an emperor with the detachment and wisdom of a sage. He also explained the journey of a Rajarshi Leader begins with the self, Swarat or self-mastery being the key to true Samrajya or world-governance.

Case analysis of one ancient Rajarshi leader and a contemporary Rajarshi leader helped participants to grasp the true meaning of it. Total 36 participants have attended the program from all departments of the company. All participants took active role in this workshop and it became very interactive and experiential. All participants have given overwhelming feedback about the programme. Dr. Ashok Haldia, Managing Director of PFS Ltd. also appreciated the program and talk about the need for follow up programmes in future in his concluding speech.

In the end training material in a CD format and a bookmark was distributed among all participants.

Here is the feedback of a few participants:

The program was very helpful. In today’s time of being preoccupied in work, this self realisation can help us to get inner peace and harmony to improve the leadership qualities in us. The case study and relevant examples where we could relate the steps for being a good leader & a good human being and how inner peace can be achieved in a much easy and balanced way– Abhina Panda, Project Manager, PFS Ltd.

The program is very insightful in making us aware the true qualities of a leader exist in everyone & how can we tap that potential to really become a good leader. The most interesting part is the content that tells us – Self Awareness, Self reflecton, inner peace& the exercise to do the same.Jitendra Niranjan, Appraisal dept., PFS Ltd.

The program is itself about discovering one self and the qualities that is needed to develop inner peace and satisfaction. The ancient framework and the examples that can be inspiring model for us – inner self and satisfaction. - Ankit Nagarnaik, Risk, PFS Ltd.

It was very nice. In today time, we need this kind of programs to be conducted as we are so stressful because of being so busy. We don’t have time for our self. . The most interesting part is guided music on peace. Shikha Jain, Legal, PFS Ltd.

The program was very nice and interacting to explore one to face challenges and circumstances experienced in this competitive environment and to give quality time for you to explore and progress.  It was different from regular programs and was more concerned about person and not others or society. Because if a person is good in its own then only can work for and in the world / Society. To work towards inner growth along with external growth, as external growth is triggered / driven by inner peace & growth.Diksha Gupta, Appraisal dept., PFS Ltd.

It is very good and may be a milestone for future plan. The most interesting part in the programme is case study of R. K . Talwar.Vishal Goyal, PFS Ltd.

The program has covered the entire aspect of spirituality in the area of the Rajarshi Leadership. It is a delightful feeling after attending.Bimal Jha, PFS Ltd.

It was inspiring, self-realizing, dedicated programme. More such programmes in our busy schedules shall be organsed.Anoop Kumar, PFC Ltd.

The program was good, related to personal as well as professional life improvement. The most interesting part is meditation and activity on self- awareness.Sunil Pokhriyal, Finance, PFC Ltd.

It was a thought provoking program to initiate the thought of giving time to one self in today’s busy & running life. A few minutes in a regular basis can bring a lot of positivity & peace in life. – Gaurav Kanshuk, Finance & Accounts, PFS Ltd.

Self-exploration exercise was good. Revisit of old saying which is true and still valid for today’s scenario.Ronit Gupta, Finance, PFC Ltd.

It was a great program specially for someone who has just started this professional career. Must needed at this point of time. An insight into reality. Good facilitator with lots of knowledge & experience shared his knowledge with us.Yashu Arora, Finance & Accounts, PFS Ltd.

The program was very fruitful & useful in today’s era. It thought about ‘Eastern way of Leadership’ which is new in current era.Ankit jain, Company Secretary, PFS Ltd.

The overall coverage of the subject is like a Raja with wisdom that of Rishi was the crux of life of a leader.Naveen K Verma,  IT, PFS Ltd.

Programme was very good to develop deeper values in one’s life.Abhinoo Goyal, Finance, PFC Ltd

Self-awareness, Know about myself, inner strengths & weakness, and nurturing  them are the strong takeaway.  – Sitesh Sinha, PFS Ltd.

Good insightful program. Helped realize inner self, find inner peace and to be a good human being. The most interesting part is the case studies provided insights into life of great personalties and brought out learnings from their experience and behavior.Priyanka Gupta, Business Devt. & Invt. Mgnt, PFS Ltd.

Overall the program was very good. Perhaps follow up session may also be useful.Sameer Agarwal, PFS Ltd.

It was an excellent program in which we learned a lot of things regarding ourselves & how things can be changed to be a better human being. – Karishma Agarwal, Finance, PFS Ltd.

It’s good and helps in refreshing the leadership skills. It’s good to understand the new paradigm of leadership for us. – Sanjay Rautagi, Monitoring, PFS Ltd.

The program was self-awakening, something that we know but ignore because of the lifestyle we follow. So, a great awakening to concentrate on self.  – Sakshi Sharma, Appraisal, PFS Ltd.