Workshop on “Powers Within”, for MBA students from Indore

A one-day workshop on “Powers Within” was conducted by SAFIM, for 52 MBA students from Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore, at Pondicherry, on 5th February 2014. The aim was to help the future ‘leaders’ be aware of the immense latent potential lying within each one of them and unleashing it to make their mark in their aspirations for a better tomorrow. The session served as an interactive platform where the students learnt by expressing themselves openly. The students from various branches of management – finance, marketing and HR – had a glimpse of the omnipotent power of will, right attitude and emotional balance through the activities, movie clips and case studies on real-life situations run during the workshop. The young audience connected spontaneously with the various aspects of these powers latent within them – unfaltering determination, non-volatile positivity, courage, faith, empathy, patience, peace, adherence to Truth. They realized that they could actually put these into practice to improve self-performance, life and also the world around them. The response from the elated participants exuded in their bright and happy faces and their expressed resolve to ‘raise the bar’ of their milestones, to progress further in life.

Glimpses from their overwhelmed feedback:  “This program was a complete package of learning with interaction, which was not only interesting but very helpful in finding oneself.” “I would like to rate this program a 10 upon 9, because it definitely gave me a change over in my life.