Workshop on Leadership for the Members of IWN, CII in Puducherry at Integra Software Services Pvt. Ltd.

On Saturday, July 16, 2016, SAFIM was invited by Ms. Radhiga Ragu, the Vice Chairperson of the Puducherry chapter of Indian Women Network, CII to hold a session on Leadership for the IWN members in Puducherry at the Integra office.

The brief session started with reflections on the true identity of a leader with some examples of stalwarts who have defied boundaries, broken new path, inspired many and led the world to a new space in the arena of their work and vision.

The session then focused on the global scenario of women leaders in the corporate where surveys revealed that although the performance of women leaders in most sectors at CxO level is better in multiple aspects than their male counterparts, there is only a 3-4% women representation at these levels. The discussion then turned to explore the reasons for this paradoxical status whence the participants came up with a range of challenges and struggle which women universally across the world, have to go through in their career. Many of the participants related similar issues from their personal experiences.

At this juncture, the facilitators guided the discussion to explore the meaning and purpose of challenges in one’s life. Through deeply reflective exchanges of experiences and thoughts, the session moved towards a positive conclusion where each one present in the session felt inspired to bring in changes in themselves, in their lives and in the society through all the challenges that come on the way.

Ms. Radhiga, VC of IWN, Puducherry, thanked SAFIM with warmth and these encouraging words: ‘It was such a pleasure having you for the leadership session at Integra. It was well received and thank you so much for the way it was presented, as always…. We all went back with enormous learning and positivity.’