Workshop on Harvesting Values at IIPM, Gurgaon

Prof. Saikat Sen conducted a one-day workshop on “Harvesting Values” for the senior managers of Indian Oil at IndianOil Institute for Petroleum Management (IIPM), Gurgaon on 13th December 2013.

There is at present a general agreement among progressive thinkers in business and management that values are the foundation of long-term effectiveness of an organization. However there is not much systematic thinking on the applied aspects of values or in other words how to realize these values in the inner being and the outer life of the individual and collectivity. This workshop focused on the application of values and ethics in day-to-day corporate context, based on the insights of an integral yogic psychology.

A total of 31 participants actively participated in each session. At the end of the day they were highly motivated and thus, formulated their own action plan for future implementation.

Feedback of the Participants:

Overall rating: 9.54

Excellent session, will be guiding us in professional as well as personal life to take conscious decision.

-Mr.J.K.Jha (Manager, RS)

This workshop is highly inspirational for me. A lot of basic inputs regarding values & ethics were received which are very practical & useful.

– Mr.B.S.Das (DMPN)

I liked mostly the way in which the sessions were taken & the method of teaching.  It was an excellent learning our values & ethics. Good material & cases were discussed during the workshop.

-Mr.S.S.Tripathy (APTM)