Workshop on Corporate Governance through Consciousness – Self Governing Leadership

The much acclaimed workshop on “Corporate Governance through Consciousness – Self Governing Leadership” concluded on Saturday 4th July 2015, with an encouraging response from the participants. It was sponsored by its principal partner National Foundation for Corporate Governance (NFCG).

The 2-day workshop from 3rd – 4th (Friday -Saturday) July 2015 was attended by executives from various corporate firms in Pondicherry and elsewhere in India.

The program began with an unconventional self-introduction of the participants. The concept of Governance, its importance and the reasons for its failure in the business world were discussed in interactive sessions, supported by relevant video clips and case studies. The varied scenarios where human nature plays the main offender in failing governance were presented for an effective understanding of the concept.

True governance does start from self and thus, the integral approach to an awakening of the ‘ethical consciousness’, the crucial steps to self-governance and the role of effective leadership in a ‘conscious’ self-governing community were deliberated in detail.

On the concluding day, the participants were ready with an action plan, to go back and implement the learning of self-governance towards governance, not only in their professional environment, but in every aspect of life.


SAFIM’s corporate governance workshop is unique because its brings to centre-stage the critical role human nature and individual motivations play in corporate governance. Through deeply researched tools, embedded in timeless, original Indian philosophy, SAFIM’s training modules like the concept of “Step Back to Step Up” are pioneering and path breaking contributions to management science. All efforts must be made to globalize this as India’s game-changing contribution to innovation in management science. – Mr. Shashi Kumar, VP, Framework Change, South Asia – Ashoka – Innovators for the Public.

The program was excellent and fully aligned to the theme. It helps us realize self.Dharneeswari, HR Manager, The Supreme Industries.

The workshop was much aligned. The theme unfolded very nicely to take me deeper into the theme. – Mr. V. Shanker, Founder, Capri3 Consultants.

A good way to retrospect to see where I am, where I want to be and how it should be achieved. – Mr R. James, Consultant, CSIE – IITM.

Overall it was a great experience. S. Usha, HR, Acer Ltd.