Workshop on Corporate Governance through Consciousness – Self Governing Leadership

The much acclaimed workshop on “Corporate Governance through Consciousness – Self Governing Leadership” was held on 10-11 June, 2016. Its principal partner was National Foundation for Corporate Governance (NFCG). The event was co-Sponsored by HDFC Bank Puducherry and City Union Bank Puducherry.

The workshop was attended by 16 participants, including Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, as well as professionals from medical and legal backgrounds from all over India.

The program began with an unconventional format of self-introduction of the participants which helped break the ice.

The concept of Governance, its importance and the reasons for its failure in the business world were discussed in an interactive sessions, supported by relevant video clips and case studies. The varied scenarios where human nature plays the main culprit in failing governance were also displayed effectively.

One of the sessions brought out the technical depth of the mandates of Corporate Governance at the same time revealing the loopholes in the framework.

True governance does start from self and thus, the integral approach to an awakening of the ‘ethical consciousness’, the crucial steps to self-governance and the role of effective leadership in a ‘conscious’ self-governing community were deliberated in detail.

On the concluding day, the participants were ready with an action plan, to go back and implement the learning of self-governance towards governance, not only in a professional environment, but in every aspect of life.


Gained new knowledge and new techniques with practical experience. The workshop was focused on the subject, good guidance for aspiration, rejection & surrender. It will help us in developing total quality management techniques.  – Perumal Rangaraj, Chairman and Managing Director, Chemin C & I. Puducherry

The workshop was very comprehensive, well presented, informative, well organized and very interactive. – P.R. Krishnan, Company Secretary, Puducherry Power Corporation Ltd.

It was lovely to experience consciousness. Looking forward to practice. Awesome commitment and management of the organisers. – Jagruti Vora, Partner, Deshpande & Mendes CA Firm.

Wonderful experience, Innovative way to disseminate information to the people (participants) from diverse fields. I personally enjoyed a lot & I will try my best to incorporate the theme (message) now onwards in my life. Thanks for your wonderful efforts to make it thoughtful and enjoyable!! – Dr. Nasima M. Khedkar, Programme Officer, AP Govt. National Health Mission, Hyderabad.

The workshop was really good, well planned, creative and innovative. I had a great experience discovering my inner self.  I have learnt it to deal with the challenges and hoping to do so. – G. Subhalakshmi, Lecturer (Law), Puducherry.

It was really fantastic. Starting from Corporate Governance whether blessing or nuisance then leading to make us think by activities / games. It helps me to realize that governance should start from self rather than expecting from others/social environment. – Padmapriya A., Puducherry Power Corporation Ltd.

This was an innovative and very practical workshop. I had a delightful experience.  It was perfectly aligned to the theme. Practical situations present real-life dilemmas which can be addressed better. – A. K. Bhatia, Management Counsellor, Puducherry