Workshop on “Conscious Leadership”

The habitual tendency of a leader today is to rely more on externals like technology, management techniques, and consultants. Most of the modern management thinking on leadership is about this outer governance or “organizational transformation”. But as the Indian thought repeatedly emphasized self-government, Swarajya is the foundation for governing the outer world, Samrajya. As a result, much of the hidden human potentialities in the intuitive, moral, aesthetic and spiritual realms, which can lead to a higher quality of life as well as a better bottom-line, remain untapped in the corporate world. The main objective of the workshop was to consciously activate these hidden potentialities of consciousness and manifest them in every activity of corporate life.

SAFIM conducted an interactive workshop on “Conscious Leadership” at Pondicherry on 25th January 2016 for a group of corporate leaders from Geneva, Switzerland on a discerning tour of India.


I would like to thank you for all you did……. It was fantastic, we learned a lot, we had time to reflect and lots of different experiences. And just to let you know I will be repeating these on a regular basis now. - Anja Loetscher, Director, Geneva Convention Bureau and CEO, PURPLE conexion, Sitwzerland.