Workshop for Oregon University Student

Prof.Saikat Sen conducted workshop on Self-Management for the students of Oregon University, USA at Pondicherry. This programme is part of their three weeks programme in Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry. Deeper understanding of the self and find the true potentiality of the individual is the main objective of the workshop. This activity based experiential learning helped the participants in inner exploration. Everybody wholeheartedly participated in the workshop.


  • SAIKAT, your lectures and discussions were incredible. You helped me to explore the way I view myself and the way others view you. I really miss I could have spent more time discussing life with you. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance. - LAUREN
  • You inspired me to find the positivity in myself and in others in a very reliable way, and I am so grateful for the insight you were able to provide for us all. What an enriching experience it was to learn from you. Thank you so very much. - CAROLINE.
  • Thank you so much for leading our group in such great discussions and being such an inspiration to the group. - MEGAN.
  • Thank you for dedicating so much time towards our group. You taught us how to look inward first and then react to our environment. - BKINZ.
  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge and spending your time with us. - REBECCA.
  • SAIKAT, I loved the time you are provided us through classes I really connected to your self-management class as well as the project work class. You opened me eyes to a new way of thinking. Thank you so much. - RACHEL.
  • Thank you for teaching me to look within first. Your selfless giving really inspired me and gave me reassurance. -  ALEX.
  • Thank you for your mind-opening and inspiring presentations. Your wisdom and teachings have provoked so many thoughts I will carry in my life. - COURTNEY.