Winter Retreat on Towards life Beautiful for Families and Individuals

A 3-day Winter Retreat, “Towards Life Beautiful”, conducted every year by Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management (SAFIM), was held between December 29th  to 31st  at the Society Office. The experiential Retreat is aimed for individuals and families including children.

The sessions held during the Retreat aimed to simplify self-awareness and to connect with one’s higher purpose. It also strives to demystify different aspects and the mundane struggles of daily life by giving them an enhanced and enriched perspective.  Few sessions were combined together for parents and children and many were held separately for the growth was needed in different directions for the respective age groups. Reflective sessions and group activities based on real-life circumstances made the workshop relatable.

Through insightful discussions and self-observations, the participants sought deeper definitions of these essential components and reflected on the true purpose of life.

Day One was mostly spent with reflections on life’s various aspects and needs and understanding the essence of each one of them. Children had an experience of various alternate ways of learning – creative, reflective and experiential.

Day Two was centred on relationships and the elements that weave and un-weave the bonding between individuals. Participants deliberated at length on Love, Trust, Harmony, and other important factors through experiential sessions. Discussions were also held on the tools for a beautiful life. Children learnt to enhance important mental faculties of concentration, agility, balance, etc through exciting fun activities.

On the final day, all the participants were taken to SHARANAM for an experience of Peace and Universal Interconnectedness amidst natural surroundings of the venue. At the closing hour of the 3-day Retreat, participants shared inspiring feedback.


It was perfectly perfect…  To me it seems that someone has called me to a treasury, taught me to open the door and also told me about the different types of treasures available. New, it’s my duty to collect as much treasure I can collect and put in my bags.. condition given is I have to first clean the bag to make it free of a single dirty particle. – Mandira Dutta Mandal, Bangalore.

It was a serious but very pleasant exploration of the ways in which one can meet the challenges of life in a complex world. Also shows a pathway to make the journey in the company of follow beings without stress and undue anxiety. – Stanley Mukkath, Pondicherry.

Relaxed and inspiring, it has set me thinking and also questioning many of my activities and attitudes in life. – Helen Mukkath, Pondicherry.

It was my free self-discovery of new self.  I had freedom to express ideas and thoughts and got over certain of my mind blocks. – P. Jeganathan, Coimbatore.