Two-day Training Programme at HPCL, Nigdi, Pune on “Aligning Organisational and Individual Values”

Two-day training programme on “Aligning Organisational and Individual Values” for the Senior Managers of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL)  at their HPCLMDI, Nigdi, Pune was conducted on 27th and 28th September 2016 by Prof.Saikat Sen, Director, Sri Aurobindo Foundation For Integral Management (SAFIM).


The integral approach to values views value-education as a process of psychological harvesting by which the seed of values is sown implanted and cultivated into the soil of consciousness. This workshop focuses on the identification of individual values and aligning them with the organizational values. To inspire and sustain the urge amongst employees to understand and adopt corporate values and enable leaders to effectively drive corporate values across the organisation

Methodology used:

For an integral realization of values in the corporate life various methods applied for internalizing the values in the consciousness of the individual as well as organizing them in the outer collective life.

  1. Audio-visual presentation
  2. Questionnaire based discussion
  3. Real life Case discussion, analysis and presentation
  4. Video-case discussion
  5. Learning through Music
  6. Learning through Movies

Programme Outcome:

The objective of the program was to enable participants to identify, interpret & describe the behavioral requirements for Value Actualization in the organization in the present scenario of increasing competition. The training program also enabled participants to identify & align their personal values & behaviors with those of their organization (HPCL) for growth and renewal for themselves and the organization. They also analyze the gap and identified the steps to minimize the gap. All participants took active participation in the training programme and made it a grand success.

Feedback :

It gave an insight of inner consciousness. It helped in probing deep into myself. How consciousness affect values is a new learning for me. – Mr. Nihar Mahapatra.

Excellent workshop. I came to know about my values and also able to recollect my organization values. I came to know that I should learn to understand myself better. Keep myself at the level of higher consciousness.  – Mr. Mohammad Ishtiyak Ali.

Overall experience of the workshop is very good. It is well aligned…it helped to find out our inner being. – U.V.G.S.R.M. Somayajulu

Good flow. Very useful, informative and motivating. Visuals highly inspiring to enrich values. – Y.V.N Mohan