Self-Governance – Leading the Way to Change

On April 2, 2016, Saturday, Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management (SAFIM) conducted an interactive session for the senior leadership of Puducherry Police Force. This programme is the first of a series of leadership interventions, called ‘Self-Governance – Leading the Way to Change’ for the senior police officers of Puducherry.

The event was inaugurated by the honourable Inspector-General of Puducherry Police, Shri Praveer Ranjan and was attended by the DIG Shri K Jegadesan, SSP Shri A K Gawas, SSP Dr V J Chandran amongst the SPs and senior Inspectors of the Puducherry Police Force.

In his introductory remarks, IG Shri Praveer Ranjan elaborated on the growing complexities in the role of a police officer with a fast-evolving community and constantly shifting patterns of crime. He stressed upon the need to reach new levels of dynamic leadership based on a deeper spiritual foundation.

Setting the context of the session, Vijay, Member Executive, Admin and Finance, Sri Aurobindo Society, deliberated on the extreme conditions that the Police must operate in – confronting the worst of human nature on a daily basis.

He spoke of the demands on the body, mind and emotions that the Police must deal with and the need to bring out the potential hidden within each individual to transcend such adversities and emerge as stronger and wiser. He proposed to develop an intervention series for the Police Force – based on deeper values. This would ideally aim to build a model police force at Puducherry. The proposed intervention programme, once implemented for the Puducherry Police Force, could then be replicated across India.

The core session was designed to be an interactive ice-breaker for the upcoming programmes in the series. It started with an introduction of the participants where each attending officer spoke about their values, strengths and habits that identify them.

They were then asked to reflect on the most difficult and distressing challenges they face both in work and in personal life. Interesting insights emerged from the multitude of challenges that were shared. The challenges centred around their workplace ranged from the taxing schedule of their early training days to difficult or delicate cases that they had handled in their career and also included the complex office dynamics that they experience in the department.

Challenges from their personal lives also varied extensively – from difficult decisions that they had taken in their lives to medical emergency in the family where their faith and self-confidence had helped them to stay anchored.

The session then moved on to explore on the attributes that would be necessary to effectively handle these challenges. The qualities that were deliberated upon included courage, confidence, endurance, patience, values, integrity, ability to understand, vision, compassion and faith.

The session concluded on the thought that challenges help us evolve as individuals and if we can consciously imbibe the qualities that are needed to face challenges, we can convert difficult situations to opportunities of self-development.

The IG, Puducherry Police, Sri Praveer Ranjan, thanked the organisers and requested his officers to leverage the opportunity for these deeply reflective sessions for introspection and subsequent individual growth.

Feedback :

The training program for the Senior Police Officers of Pondicherry Police, by the Leadership Team of Sri Aurobindo Society, was extremely well conducted and appreciated by all the participants. The program has made a wonderful beginning and in times to come it is bound to play a significant role in making the Pondicherry Police a model police force. It has definitely stirred the thought process of the Senior Police Officers and made them reflect on their professional and personal journey so far. I am sure the future sessions will further enhance their learning on the issues related to professional challenges and personal development. I must place on record my appreciation for all those who contributed to the success of the programme.  - Praveer Ranjan, IGP, Puducherry