Science of Living: Towards Life Beautiful

The much awaited workshop “Science of Living: Towards Life Beautiful” was recently concluded on 26th to 28th of December 2013 with many of the participants requesting for more such workshops with SAFIM.

A 3-day workshop for individuals and families including children aimed to explore one’s true purpose of life and find beauty, peace and harmony in one’s daily life through a deeper understanding of oneself and the various aspects of one’s life.

The workshop attended by 35 participants including 14 children, started on 26th December, 2013 morning with a unique introduction session using flowers.

Through interactive sessions held for adults, SAFIM coordinators presented the subtle elements of life including courage and perseverance, simplicity and perfection, humility and generosity, receptivity and feelings of gratitude, unity and equality, and harmony and peace. Through insightful discussions and self-observations, the participants sought deeper definitions of these essential components and reflected on the true purpose of life.

While adults were engaged in their search for life’s true purpose,children aged between 6 to 16 years, were engrossed in exciting experiential activities involving imagination, creativity, memory, observation, concentration, and physical skills of control, agility and balance and also exploring and befriending nature.

The workshop progressed weaving the separate sessions for adults and children with the combined sessions of bonding. One of these found the parents intently involved in learning Origami with the children making beautiful object d’art with simple folds of paper.

On the second day of the workshop the participants went for an experience of peace, simplicity and interconnectedness amidst nature at Matrikunj, the organic farm maintained by Sri Aurobindo Society. Adults and children revivified and connected to each other through activities like nature walk, guided meditation and creativity with nature.

On the final day, children thrilled the parents with a presentation of performances scripted by the children themselves. It was a fitting culmination to the 3 days of the experiential journey – that unraveled many opportunities to make life beautiful.

The comment from Rajavardhini Rajasekaran, who attended with her family from Mauritius perhaps summarizes the participants’ feedback: “This workshop, if applied in any daily life, would be radical and change not only myself, for the better, but my loved ones also, so that it can be catalytic, for higher consciousness.”

Programme Feedback

It has been a great experience as this is the first time we have done something to look in to relationships in a methodical way… It was aligned in a very good way. This is a very intense topic and involves lot of energy- to pull one-self together for the exercises, and the exercises, discussions, outing were all well intentioned to allow the theme to sink in and let us ponder. —Smitha Vasudevan, Chennai.

I have decided to show more courage as I realized from the workshop it is mandatory for me. It made me realize that I have to do the work of connecting to peace, harmony and beauty within me to reflect outside. — Kavithanjali, Systems Analyst, Australia.

The concept of a family workshop was unique along the combination of a farm visit …. The concepts are towards building a sound moral, ethical and spiritual foundation in day-to-day living and working. — Sridhar Nagarajan, CEO, Standard Chartered Bank, Mauritius.

This workshop, if applied into any daily life, would be radical and changes not only myself, for the better, but my loved ones also, so that it can be catalytic, for higher consciousness.—Rajavardhini Rajasekaran, Mauritius.

It was more of a strengthening and refreshing of the commitment to work towards beauty in life-belief-faith and surrender in the day-to-day process is not something that shows up all the time-but it was beautiful to see how we share this commitment.— Andrea Eugster Ingold, Teacher, Switzerland.

I really liked the way children spent their time. The nature of activities they learnt form the teacher is really appreciating. Since I am also dealing with children it gave me new ideas. – Madhumita Sen, Montessori Teacher, Kolkata.