Retreat on Managing Stress through Inner Poise for APPI

SAFIM facilitated a two day retreat on ‘Managing Stress through Inner Poise’ for its executives of Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiative (APPI) at Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry, on 7th and 8th September 2016. With the objective of providing insights into the underlying causes of stress and anxiety, the experiential retreat gave the participants guidelines and tools to help them be permanently cleansed of these root anomalies and their effects in their persons and lives. The process aims to set them on to a path of stress-free living by establishing a sustained state of peace in the mind and equanimity in the emotions, thereby allowing the inner faculties and potential to unfold unhindered, leading to happier and more fulfilling and meaningful life.

The natural ambience of the venue (SHARANAM) along with the deeply experiential and reflective exercise involving the participation of all the planes of the self – body, mind, emotions and spirit – enabled the participants to create the foundation of an environment of balance and calm within their inner selves that will help them remain unaffecte


It is an innovative programme which tells us how to reduce tress through inner poise.  I am identifying stress within oneself and to convert weakness into strength. - Nihar Ranjan Mishra, APPI

The programme of stress management was a good learning experience for me. It enriched my thoughts on the different aspects of stress, inner poise, perceptions, etc. - Ansuman Tripathy, APPI.

The program was one of the first experiences I had to identify my inner self. I feel greatly enriched by the experience I acquired. I really hope that I would be able to bring the learning into practice in my life. - Ankur Aggarwal, APPI.