Rajarshi Leadership at Auro University Surat

A one-day experiential workshop on ‘Rajarshi Leadership’ was conducted for Business Leaders at Auro University campus in Surat on 10th February 2018. It aims to understand the relevance and the possible means of becoming a Rajarshi Leader through a dynamic self-introspection and a subsequent widening of the self into an immersive oneness with the universe. The workshop was inaugurated by Mr. H. P. Rama, Chancellor of Auro University. In his speech he talk about his own experience of Rajarshi Leader and discussed about 12 qualities of a leader as illustrated by the Mother.

The workshop was conducted by Saikat Sen. He facilitate the process of understanding of the concept of Rajarshi which is the ancient Indian concept where leadership became transformative when it harmonized the command and dynamism of an emperor with the detachment and wisdom of a sage. He also explained the journey of a Rajarshi Leader begins with the self, Swarat or self-mastery being the key to true Samrajya or world-governance.

Case analysis of one ancient Rajarshi leader and a contemporary Rajarshi leader helped participants to grasp the true meaning of it. Total 21 participants have attended the program from all departments of the company. All participants took active role in this workshop and it became very interactive and experiential. All participants have given overwhelming feedback about the programme. In the end training material in a CD format and a bookmark was distributed among all participants.


It was something new, rather it was existing but we didn’t knew. Rajashri or Leadership in a different format. It was very interesting.Sandeep Monga, Teaching , Intelligence Classes.

It was a wonderful session- highly learning one – insightful too. Introduced me to new concept & definition of leadership. – Sumita shah, Director, Capti kids.

It was wonderful, very enlighting -  Astha Batra.

The connect of ancient scriptures to the world today was inspiring. – Preeti Duggal, Bluejade.

I have learnt many important points of life which are related to the present day business. – Sunny Narang, Sushma Fashions.