Teachers Leadership

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The profession of teaching has always been considered noble. Since the beginning of civilization teachers have been shaping young minds and faculties to envision and build a strong, beautiful and enlightened future. At a very subtle level, teachers have always contributed in moulding the future of the world and in this very essence they also are the leaders of the world.

In modern times, the potential influence of a teacher in a student’s life and therefore in the world has not abated. However in the race of survival where one’s worth is measured in materialistic terms, the significance of the teacher’s profession has probably lost some of its original shine. This may have affected the teacher’s own understanding of their true role in society.

Teacher’s Leadership, is a workshop designed by SAFIM for teachers and management of academic institutes to help them discern the importance of their roles and responsibilities in the society. It also helps them develop the leadership qualities in themselves to deliver the true purpose of imparting education.

Workshop Objective

  • To understand the need for a renewed approach to teaching
  • To align individual and organizational values towards a combined goal
  • To bring in greater awareness about oneself towards self-management and consequently managing others
  • To develop leadership qualities such as visioning, goal setting, taking initiatives,enhanced involvement and ownership
  • To improve planning and execution skills Workshop