Future Leaders’ Program (FLP)

Program Brochure

Future Leaders’ Program

Certification program for under-graduate and post-graduate students in professional institutes and colleges to focus on the non-academic aspects of leadership – marked as essential by FICCI Survey 2010.


FICCI’s 2010 industrial survey on ‘Employability Quotient of Undergraduates in India’ reveals major gaps in the non-technical skills of fresh graduates – skills that are placed high on the demand scale but very low on the satisfaction scale by the corporate.

Most of these skills are related to the very foundation of human nature and attitude – and therefore a challenge for institutes to include in their regular curriculum.

FLP aims to address this challenge – by enabling a holistic development of the individuals and enhancing capabilities for delivering excellence


Session Themes

Day 1


Facilitating self-awareness and self-observation that in turn helps in practicing self-control and upright conduct


Inspiring purpose-driven impetus to strive towards one’s goals – learning to perceive challenges as opportunities for growth

Day 2


Disengaging one’s conscious and subconscious mind from the deep-rooted fetters of prejudices, preferences and other rigidities and helping one to evolve as a more willingly progressive individual with a consistently positive response to change

Willingness to Learn

Enhancing one’s readiness, enthusiasm and capacity to acquire knowledge and skills at any time and situation


Redefining creativity as an essential and achievable tool for a distinctive approach to work and life; helping one to cultivate one’s innate innovation potential

Day 3


Developing self-confidence and worthiness that instills trust in others


Helping one to understand and align one’s decisions, commitments and actions to professional and ethical values


Enhancing one’s sense of responsibility in work beyond the role one plays in the team

Day 4


Developing empathy with a widening of one’s mental and emotional boundaries – stretching into realms beyond self-centeredness


Understanding team as a composition of heterogeneous skills identified by commitment to a shared vision – and preparing oneself to be an integral and effectively contributing part of it

Approach to Learning

Future Leaders’ Program is based on a harmonious synthesis of contemporary management and leadership practices with ancient Indian spiritual ideals.

The sessions are rendered through practicable and experiential format to help easy assimilation of the concepts. The tools used include:

  • Group Exercises – including discussions, games and role plays
  • Open Interactions
  • Case Studies
  • Reflective Questionnaire
  • Creative Activities
  • Guided Imagery
  • Audio-visuals