Retreat brochure

Science of Living – Towards Life Beautiful

 “Science of Living – Towards Life Beautiful” is a 3-day workshop primarily for individuals and families with children. The workshop will be an experiential one with a number of outdoor activities for the adults and children. Activities for children (between 8 – 16 years) will range from art, gardening, painting amidst nature, and in the process unravel their hidden talents and help them feel their deeper connect with nature.

The aim of the workshop will be to understand our true purpose in life and lead the participants towards living a beautiful, harmonious and fulfilling life in all its dimensions.

The emphasis will be on bonding as a family and in the process also discovering a true and lasting happiness and man’s deeper connect with nature; living fulfilling relationships; uncluttering, un-complicating and simplifying lives; appreciating the relevance of values and the right attitudes and lead them on the path of a profounder fulfillment of life.


Managing Stress through Inner Poise

Our high-wired, fast-paced, multi-tasking and technologically-ridden lives are aimed at making us more productive, effective, efficient and in charge of situations. Unfortunately the fall-out of these immediate benefits has been the long-term consequence of dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety, which we are unable to fathom and manage.

Every individual is undergoing some form of stress either at work, on the home front or in their relationships. What are the sources and remedies of all this stress and anxieties? Is it possible to even overcome these anxieties and lead a stress-free life? If yes, how does one go about reining in the stress in one’s life?

“Managing Stress through Inner Poise” will provide insights into identifying the underlying causes of stress and anxiety. It will give the participants guidelines and practice tools to help them cleanse these out of his/her system.

This would result in a stress-free living and establish a sustained state of peace in the mind and equanimity in the emotions, thereby allowing the inner faculties and our potential to unfold unhindered, leading to happier and more fulfilling and meaningful lives.


Corporate Governance through Consciousness – Self-governing Leadership

Corporate Governance has become one of the buzz-words in corporate and management circles. The corporate world has a whole is in the process of acquiring a moral conscience.

The new and emerging concepts in management like corporate governance, business ethics and corporate social responsibility are some of the expressions through which this emerging ethical instinct in the corporate world is trying to express or embody itself in the corporate life.

However effective implementation of an ethical ideal or concept requires two factors: creating an ethical consciousness and promoting ethical conduct and behaviour. But for the outer conduct and behaviour to be authentic, sincere and effective, it has to be a spontaneous expression of a corresponding inner state of consciousness.

This workshop explores the concept and practice of corporate governance in an integral, holistic and consciousness perspective. In our integral perspective, the ideal of corporate governance is to create a corporate consciousness which leads to self-governance.