National Seminar on “Sustainability- Corporate Evolution through Consciousness”

On 18th January, 2014, NIRC-ICSI organized one day seminar on the topic “Sustainability- Corporate Evolution through Consciousness” at Hotel EROS Continental, New Delhi. Shri T N Chaturvedi, Chairman, SAFIM Advisory Board and Former Governor Karnataka & Kerala was the Chairman and Dr. A K Balyan, MD & CEO Petronet LNG Ltd. and Member SAFIM Advisory Board & CS S N Ananthasubramanian, President, ICSI & Member, SAFIM Advisory Board were the Guests of Honour on the occasion. CS Harish K Vaid, Vice President, ICSI, CS Deepak Kukreja, Chairman, NIRC-ICSI, CS O P Dani, Past President, ICSI, Dr. Ashok Haldia, CS Vineet Chaudhary, CS NPS Chawla, CS Manish Gupta, other Regional Council Members and approximately 400 members were present at the inaugural function of the seminar.

Inaugural Session:

CS Vineet Chaudhary anchored the inaugural session of the seminar.  He welcomed and introduced the dignitaries present on the dais. He said that NIRC organized number of seminars for discussing on various technical topics and it is the time to look into the consciousness of the managers managing the corporates. Keeping this in mind the theme of the seminar was decided. He also thanked SAFIM & NFCG for providing support in organizing the program.

CS Deepak Kukreja while addressing the gathering said that Corporate Governance is needed to create a corporate culture of consciousness, transparency and openness. It refers to a combination of laws, rules, regulations, procedures and voluntary practices to enable companies to maximize shareholders long term value. It should lead to increasing customer satisfaction, shareholder value and wealth.  Corporate governance deals with company’s ability to take managerial decisions vis a vis its claimants in particular its shareholders apart from other stockholders. Failure in corporate governance is a real threat to the future of every corporation. With effective corporate governance based on core values of integrity and trust companies will have competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent and generating positive reactions in the market place.  Effective corporate governance can be achieved by adopting a set of principles and best practices. He also briefly covered the various activities being organized by NIRC during the year 2013.

CS O P Dani while addressing the gathering informed about Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management, its objective and various seminars/workshops being organized by SAFIM. He also intimated about the Research & Training Institute of SAFIM situated at Pondicherry. He thanked NFCG for providing support in organizing the seminar.

Dr. Ashok Haldia introduced the theme of the seminar. He discussed about the ethics to be followed by corporates, their contribution towards society and sustainability in the business. He also discussed the provisions relating to Corporate Social Responsibility as prescribed in the Companies Act, 2013. He briefly explained the coverage of the program.

CS Harish K Vaid while addressing the gathering mentioned about the people having different conscious viz.  alive & awake, alive & asleep and dead. He said that SAFIM & the ICSI are performing this onerous responsibility. He also assured that the deliberations of the seminar will highlight the traits of good professional which help in keeping alive the conscious of the corporate wherever they will work.

Dr. A K Balyan while addressing the gathering discussed about conscious capitalism and said that it is based upon three primary principles viz. A Conscious Business has a higher purpose that transcends maximizing profits.  It is focused on fulfilling its higher purpose, which evolves dynamically over time, the enterprise is managed to optimize value for all of the major interdependent stakeholders and Conscious Leadership to the enterprise & its stakeholders. He also discussed about the purpose of a business, paradox of profits, caring about environment, conscious capitalism & non profit organizations. He also discussed the difference between corporate social responsibility and conscious capitalism.

CS S N Ananthasubramanian while addressing the gathering said that SAFIM is working in the direction of inner transformation and development of consciousness. He differentiated between consciousness & conscience.  He also mentioned that compliance is of three types viz absolute compliance, adequate compliance & apparent compliance and suggested that in order to achieve win -win situation, moving upward i.e.  from apparent compliance to adequate compliance and then to absolute compliance will be beneficial. He also discussed about the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility under Companies Act, 2013.

Shri T N Chaturvedi while addressing the gathering said that the topic of the seminar has a great significance in the working life. Therefore every word which is used to describe the theme of the seminar is important. He discussed about human values and their sustainability.

CS Manish Gupta arranged release of the Compliance Planner for the year 2014 by the hands of the dignitaries present.

CS Vineet Chaudhary arranged presentation of mementoes to CS M G Jindal & CS Deepak Kukreja in acknowledgement of their contribution to the profession during the year 2013.

CS NPS Chawla concluded the inaugural session of the seminar and proposed heartiest vote of thanks.

First Technical Session on Guiding values for Corporate Governance-A Consciousness Perspective

CS Rajiv Bajaj anchored the first technical session of the seminar. He welcomed and introduced the guest speakers of the session.

Dr. Ramesh C Vaish, Chartered Accountant Chaired first technical session.  Shri Avimukt Dar, Partner, Indus Law, Dr. Akhil Prasad, Country Counsel India and Company Secretary, Boeing International Corporation India and Ms. Amita Joseph, Founder Director, Business Community Foundation have addressed during the first technical session of the seminar.

Prof. G S Gupta proposed heartiest vote of thanks at the end of the first technical session.

Second Technical Session on Corporation, Community and Sustainability-An Integral Approach.

CS Dhananjay Shukla anchored the second technical session of the seminar. He welcomed and introduced the guest speakers of the second technical session.

Shri B L Bagra, Member, SAFIM Advisory Board and Former MD, NALCO Chaired the second technical session. Dr. Jaiprakash Singh, SAFIM, Shri K G Nagendranath, Deputy Editor, The Financial Express, Shri Ashok B Chakraborty, Chief Sustainability Officer, National Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Prof. Subhasis Ray, Associate Professor, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar have addressed during second technical session of the seminar.

CS Ranjeet Pandey proposed heartiest vote of thanks at the end of the second technical session.