Managing Stress through Inner Poise

SAFIM facilitated a workshop on ‘Managing Stress through Inner Poise’ on 13th August 2016.

With the objective of providing insights into the underlying causes of stress and anxiety, the experiential workshop gave the participants guidelines and tools to help them be permanently cleansed of these root anomalies and their effects in their persons and lives. The process aims to set them on to a path of stress-free living by establishing a sustained state of peace in the mind and equanimity in the emotions, thereby allowing the inner faculties and potential to unfold unhindered, leading to happier and more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

All participants actively took part in the sessions and expressed their frank opinion about the workshop.


This is one of the best workshops I ever attended in life. It has brought me the awareness about life, its real purpose and the directions I need to take.  I have got various ways to understand the purpose of each situation that occurs in my life. I have got the real valuable information on how to lead stress free life by focusing more on within than outer circumstances. – Sanjeev Patra.

This workshop was excellent……….The explanations about types of stress and the ways to deal with it by detaching our self from the situation, the Tortoise & the squirrel example…Thank you so much… ending with the mother’s words was superb…  - M. Srihari.

A very small, yet effective workshop. We were able to go deep into the topic and come up with remedies & ways to get over it. Very well organized & very well connecting workshop. – Husnul Budhiraja.

Crisp & to the point, it was a good session to remind us of the attitude to take in our daily life. Quotes & examples given were too appropriate & the solutions were good. – Nirupama.

To the point workshop.  Delivered with lot of passion and connection. – Sathya Priya Manickam.

Overall a good experience with good introductory game. It could be a longer workshop… Look forward for “Gratitude” Practice. – Prabhot Kulkarni.