Managing Stress through Inner Poise at Schneider Electric, Kolkata

SAFIM recently conducted its corporate wellness workshop “Managing Stress through Inner Poise” for senior executives at Schneider Electric, Kolkata on 25th August 2017.

Saikat Sen conducted the workshop. He started in a lighter tone with an icebreaker which helps the participants to understand the objective of the program. The aim of the program is of providing insights into the underlying causes of stress and anxiety, the workshop gave the participants guidelines and tools not only about some palliative measures but to help them be permanently cleansed of these root anomalies and their effects in their persons and lives. The experiential format of the session provided opportunities for reflection and deliberation to each participant on their experience and views on the different aspects of stress. Total 12 participants actively took part in the sessions and expressed their frank opinion about the workshop. The participants feedback at the end indicated that the dissipation of stress factors in their lives have been successfully initiated through this workshop.


It is great. What I thought and expect before attending the workshop is much much more than that what I get here. I find most interesting in the programme is the exercise on Gratitude. – Ritesh Chandra, Fiss, Schneider Electric Kolkata.

It is really very helpful to overcome our daily life stresses. I found most interesting in the program is the technique to keep ourselves healthy by reducing the stress. – Debashish Dutta, Proximity, Schneider Electric Kolkata.

This is very nice and rejuvenating programme.  It refreshes our mind and helps to look life from a different perspective.  - Sourav Paul, Proximity, Schneider Electric Kolkata.

It was nice program, which was full of interaction.  See positivity in every situation which will help you to find opportunity for growth and gratitude is very important for rediscovering yourself. – Jitendra Kr. Sharma, Proximity, Schneider Electric Kolkata.