Towards Cohesive Resonance

Chemistry of People Unison

Realizing the impact of effective teamwork on the hard-line goals of business, organizations are ready to make considerable investments towards encouraging team-building workshops and trainings.

However, since a team is essentially made up of multiple units of individual human beings with all the complexities of human nature, developing a cohesive team with a collection of these individuals working towards a common mission cannot be achieved through imposed acts of coerced camaraderie.

There are multiple challenges thrown by human nature – influence of the carnal mantra of ‘survival for the fittest’, fears and forces based on personal ambitions, breakdown of values during failure and the conflicts of individualistic perspectives of the so-called ‘common goal’.

‘Towards Cohesive Resonance’ is a workshop which helps the participants explore the true source of the elements of disharmony within their consciousness and transcend their individual propensities towards a harmonious unison of will, aspiration and action

Curriculum and Pedagogy

This short duration program (3-5 days) is aimed at cultivating future managers.

The topics covered under this program are as follows:

  1. Integral approach in team work: growth of true cohesiveness
  2. Forging Fraternity
  3. The social architecture of human groups
  4. Unity of Consciousness


This program is intended for corporate leadership and management working in organizations in the private or the public sector. The course is offered to senior, middle and shop floor executives.