Svarāt – The Art of Self Mastery

Teachers Leadership

This module is for effective purposeful and progressive education for teachers and senior administrative personnel (like director, principal, headmaster) to help understand and implement leadership attributes of visioning and self-motivation in the learning  and development process.


It will help the senior teachers, departmental heads, vice principal, principal and other senior administrative staff to understanding leadership qualities like visioning, goal setting, and motivation that they can take great initiative and be involvement in the learning and development process.

The Art of Self-mastery

The significance of the profession of teaching is perhaps underrated in the current need to commercialize learning. As has been declared by intellectuals the world over teaching transforms life, affects generations and eventually influences eternity. It is also a fact that most teachers, especially those in the field of technology and management, have opted for teaching as a profession purely out of a passion for teaching.

However, in the present world which is wholly dominated by the corporate in every aspect, there are huge expectations from institution graduates in terms of their employability.  Subsequently, the demands and stress on faculty are enormous. As a result, teachers get increasingly alienated from the core theme of teaching and also from the young minds they vowed to groom.

‘Svarat’ is a special program developed by SAFIM for professionals in the field of education. It is aimed to provide ways for teachers to create a stronger platform of learning by developing an integral perspective towards their professional and personal life and connecting more deeply with the students.

Curriculum and Pedagogy

The curriculum of this program focuses on the present educational scenario and concept of integral education; the need and significance of the executive faculties; the development of human faculties and qualities; and an action plan for actualizing methods at Individual/Group/ Institutional level.

The duration of this program is between 2–4 days.


This program is offered to faculty members of engineering and B-school and other academic institutions.