Productivity without Anxiety

Achieving Targets without Stress

Productivity is the central theme of any corporate in today’s speed-to-market race with the management endeavors focused on improving productivity of resources – human and non-human. While it is relatively easier to achieve enhanced productivity of non-human resources, the attempts to increase human productivity through skill improvement and a competitive target-driven work environment are not very effective – often leading to reverse productivity and stress and finally a probable collapse of the entire system.

As the need for improvement of human productivity remains in focus and grows in significance, the corporate world also realizes the need for sustainability in the productivity improvement – without the adverse effects of stress and collapse. To achieve this, it is essential to look at human beings more holistically – beyond the outer self into the true inner source of their capabilities – the human consciousness.

‘Productivity without Anxiety’, SAFIM’s take on productivity and stress management, is aligned to SAFIM’s theme of ‘Management by Consciousness’. It focuses on cleansing anxiety and other negative perturbance from the outer surfaces of human mind so that the inner faculties of human being can work unhindered to the fullest potential. It helps to establish a sustained state of peace in the mind and equanimity in the emotions and thereby enables a positive attitude and clean concentration on work.

 Curriculum and Pedagogy

This short duration program (3-5 days) is aimed at cultivating future managers.

The topics covered under this program are as follows:

  1.  Redefining Productivity
  2. Coping Stress: Integral Approach
  3. Philosophy of Peace
  4. The Way of Equanimity


This program is intended for corporate leadership and management working in organizations in the private or the public sector. The course is aimed at senior, middle and shop floor executives.