Powers Within

Learning by Experience


In the current scenario, the business world, apparently, has solutions to all problems. There is a range of management theories and formulas to combat all categories of issues that an organization can possibly encounter. Accordingly, organizations are equipping their leaders and managers with all the relevant tools and instruments prescribed to manage work efficiently and therefore ensure success.

However, leaders and managers are still found to struggle with all the regular problems of customer discontent, people issues, performance stress and a subsequent apathy towards work.

As a result, the organization as a whole is suffering – unable to progress at targeted pace or establish an appropriate growth-persuasive work culture internally.


This inexplicable failure in spite of having all tools and figures in place is (as many progressive organizations and management gurus have now realized) due to the fact that all these solutions are based on theories that are solely dependent on hard-core data and numbers. There is no substance of human element factored into the formulas although it is the human beings who are actual players in the market.


A similar situation is there in the field of education. In spite of the expanding realms of specialized object-oriented courses, successful cultivation of the students’ potential is still not a reality. The graduates coming out of academic institutes post an intense period of training in a state-of-the-art high-tech environment of education lack a lot of the basic ingredients of professional work culture. They are not aware of their true capacities, mechanically joining the on-going race in the trodden track.

While the world and the corporate are orienting themselves progressively towards a value-based system, these fresh graduates, disconnected from their inner consciousness, feel out-of-step with the changing environment – often deciding wrongly, performing poorly and finally losing interest in work.

‘Powers Within’, a path-breaking curriculum developed by SAFIM for all individuals in any field of work or study, is focused on developing the power of human consciousness. It is based on the concept of ‘within outward’ where the inner human potential is enhanced and utilized to bring about change on the outside.

Through this curriculum, along with all the externally available tools, SAFIM proposes to equip individuals with awareness and access to inner guidance for better decision-making, innovative thinking, relationship management and stress harmonization.


Curriculum and Pedagogy

This curriculum focuses on the helping the individual tap his inherent powers, such as his powers of self-awareness, powers of understanding, powers of emotional balance, powers of will force, powers of the right attitude, power of creativity, harmony,  concentration and inner guidance.

The emphasis here is on learning through practice. Each module is therefore modeled around various relevant exercises and activities. The effect of the program is measured through self-evaluation tools and action plan chartered with individuals based on the results.

This activity based short duration program is scheduled between 2-4 days.


This program is applicable for engineering, professional and B-school students.