Inner Choice

How to Make a Right Decision

Taking the right decision is amongst the most important responsibilities of corporate leadership and in fact, of each individual in the business world.

There are multitudes of external tools and techniques to provide and process data that ideally enable individuals to take decisions with robotic precisions. However, most of the right decisions, whether path-breaking or simpler, are taken using a faculty beyond the subjective judgment and rational reasoning rendered through these external methods.

The faculty in question is intuition. Unfortunately, the apparent lack of logic in intuitive decisions gives it the more superficial synonym of ‘gut feeling’ which is, amidst the plethora of data-backed derivations, also thus mostly ignored and sidelined by the less discerning.

However, there are definitive ways to strengthen intuition and make it more substantial (and hence acceptable). These methods connect individuals to the true source of intuition through their inner consciousness thereby illumining the universal knowledge-base from which it is triggered.

SAFIM’s research-generated course towards right decision making called ‘Inner Choice’ provides the paradigms for corporate decision-making using concrete substantial intuitive powers. The methods of intuitive decisions do not disregard or ignore data gathered by external sources. On the contrary, they provide deeply pragmatic, precise and holistic perspective to these data and therefore help individuals to take the right decision.


Curriculum and Pedagogy

This short duration program (3-5 days) is aimed at cultivating future managers.

The topics covered under this program are as follows:

  1. Decision Making – Present Realities
  2. Reasons for Failure in Decision Making
  3. Difficulties in Decision Making and Reasons for the Difficulties
  4. New Approach to Decision Making
    • Search for True Knowledge
    • Decisions Through Inner Guidance


This program is intended for corporate leadership and management working in organizations in the private or the public sector. The course is aimed at senior, middle and shop floor executives.