Igniting Innovation

Quest for the New and the Better

Over the last decade, innovation has grown in significance from being a mere value-add to an essential tool for organizations to battle out a share in the market niche. Organizations have started exploring the talent of its people encouraging new ideas by providing a permissive environment to cultivate innovation.

The intense focus and demand on innovation practice require individuals, groups and organizations to connect to their inner potentials for creativity. A lot of innovation workshops are conducted in organizations and management schools towards developing innovation practice. However, being a manifestation of the inner creative consciousness, innovation still remains largely an elusive human faculty yet to be tapped effectively.

‘Igniting Innovation’, a SAFIM offering to corporate leaders and executives, is a course which leads individuals to develop their innovation consciousness framing the right attitude and the inner connect required to drive innovation from within. It helps to establish innovation as a practice in the work environment.

SAFIM’s idea is to groom transformational leadership so that the leaders have the right understanding of true innovation and are thus able to drive it across the organization.

Curriculum and Pedagogy

This short duration program (3-5 days) is aimed at cultivating future managers.

While the course content is an effective combination of the common theories in the field of innovation and the insight into the real source of innovation – human consciousness, the highly interactive sessions themselves provide the right environment for innovation culture. Exercises and team activities oriented to develop individual as well as group creativity are part of each module.

The topics covered under this program are as follows:

  1. Nurturing Innovative Attitude
  2. Innovative Thought Process
  3. Development of Intuition and Imagination
  4. Motivation for Innovation
  5. Building an Innovative Organization


This program is intended for corporate leadership and management working in organizations in the private or the public sector. The aspirant must have a minimum of 9 years of work experience.