Harvesting Values

Shaping Values in Business

In the globalizing world, all progressive organizations feel an increasing need to frame and cultivate a set of corporate values for a sense of identity and purpose of the organization defining the organizational culture.

Most of these organizations run repeated value workshops for the employees with an objective to ingrain these values in work culture and general employee behavior.

However in practice, while the management drives itself towards the various financial and business targets set by the organization, no one makes any real attempt to evaluate if the track adopted by them conforms to the defined values.

The organization subsequently fails to inspire and sustain an inner urge amongst the employees to understand and adopt the corporate values.

Organizations are thus seeking solutions to improve the delivery model of values to its employees and ensure acceptance and integration of values in the organization structure.

Harvesting Values’, a corporate leadership and management course offering from SAFIM with an objective to enable the leaders and managers to effectively drive the corporate values across all levels of the organization, could perhaps provide the solution.

This course is based on SAFIM’s ‘Management by Consciousness’ theme and it illumines definitive result-oriented ways to actuate corporate values. It helps to create the corporate ambience to enable growth and renewal of the individuals and of the organization based on an internalized value system.

Curriculum and Pedagogy

This short duration program (3-5 days) is aimed at cultivating future managers.

The course is delivered in a corporate workshop flavor using self-evaluation, audio-visual presentations, group discussions, interactions, live demonstrations, case study and team activities along with theory sessions. The contents as well as the delivery mechanism are structured in a way to help the participants develop their inner consciousness to connect better to and to align their individual values to that of the corporate.

The topics covered under this program are as follows:

  1. Consciousness: The Source of Value
  2. Values and The Bottom-line Integral Values of Corporate Dharma
  3. Inner Cultivation of Values
  4. Outer Organization of Values
  5. Value Conflict
  6. Planning for Actualizing Core Values at Individual / Group / Organisational Level



This program is intended for corporate leadership and management working in organizations in the private or the public sector. The aspirant must have a minimum of 9 years of work experience where at least two years have been in a team management role.