Arise and Transcend

Towards A Beautiful And Harmonious Life

More and more organizations are recognizing work-life balance for their employees to be one of the key factors to achieve employee satisfaction and ensure engaged workforce. The channels used are sometimes expensive but not effective in helping the organization to accomplish the desired connection with the employees. It is a challenge for the Human Resource departments of these organizations to find ways to guide the employees to achieve balance and consequently benefit the organizations.

‘Arise and Transcend’, is a lifestyle management course designed by SAFIM to enable the HR executives help the workforce to harmonize and discipline various aspects of their lives and achieve an integral balance. It also helps them to understand the four dimensions of human beings – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and nurture these in the employees to maximize their potential.


Curriculum and Pedagogy

The course has a pronounced focus on practice against theory and the sessions are largely spent on demonstrating and exercising actual means of achieving harmony in daily life. The program is a one-week open workshop and applicable for all those who want to give a renewed perspective to their life.

The program will focus on a more conscious way of managing one’s work, relationships, health, daily life, and happiness.


This program is offered to senior executives of all levels.