Nurturing a Life Mentor & Coach


The age of command and control leadership is coming to an end.

The new leaders of the future have to be more of a coach, mentor, felicitator and coordinator than a commander or in other words he has to be not only a supervising manager who gets things done but also an enabling teacher or a guru who inspires and awakens people to higher motives and their greater potentialities.

This is now recognised in modern management thinking on leadership.

For example, James McGregor Burns, a well-known leadership guru, regards this power to awaken higher motives and potentialities in the followers as an important quality of what he calls as “transformational leadership”.

Here comes the importance of the Indian concept of the Guru.  In this Indian conception a true Guru is someone who awakens the divinity or higher self in the disciple by his living example, silent presence and illumined instructions.

All these methods have a living relevance for transformational leadership.  The basic principles of the process of inner and higher awakening are more or less the same for the spiritual as well as secular leadership.

In Nurturing a Life Mentor and Coach, SAFIM presents the concept of integral vision of coaching & mentoring where a human being is in its essence an eternal and an evolving consciousness, progressively unfolding its powers and moving towards the realisation of its highest and integral potential.

The purpose of coaching & mentoring is to felicitate and accelerate this evolution of the human soul and its instruments towards their highest potential.

The final aim is to build our being and make it into a harmonious whole.


Curriculum and Pedagogy

The programme focusses at awakening the inner consciousness of a person and directing it so as to make it conscious of its physical, emotional and mental instruments. The programme helps in directing and integrating the body, mind and life around teh centrral consciouness and make the entire being into a harmonious and integrated whole, thereby making it a true and effective life mentor and coash.

The program framework includes 6 weeks of classroom sessions, 2 weeks of assignment based on the job coaching and 2 weeks of on-the-job mentoring. The coaching and mentoring sessions are aimed to enable actualization of learning.


This programme is intended for  corporate executives