Leadership by Consciousness

All over India HPCL employees were connected through webex platform. Prof. Sen discussed about the main objective of the movement “Leadership by Consciousness” which is to consciously activate the hidden potentialities of human consciousness and manifest them in every activity of corporate life. He also discussed about SAFIM’s approach -“within outward” relying mainly on the inner powers of consciousness to bring the outer result. He presented ALIT and SOUL model and explained with examples. It was very well received by all. After the presentation participants also interacted with Prof. Sen through video conference and on line chatting.


What a beautiful concept this lecture conveys, that the beauty within, the internal self needs to be transformed and when the internal self transforms and shines, then this light will radiate and glow, brightening and transforming teams, corporates, nations and perhaps the whole world. Mr Saikat dealt with this aspect when he mentioned SOUL – first step “See, Recognize” and then Observe. I loved the spiritual aspect in the lecture.   If in spite of only paying attention to the outward appearance, if we all paid attention to our inner self and make conscious efforts to see, recognize and transform it and make it more beautiful, the world would be a much better place. I am confident the change will surely come and the realization certainly has dawned already.

Please convey a special Thanks to Mr. Saikat Sen for this lovely lecture. For me it’s One of the best webex. - Nargis Hormazd Irani (HPCL)