Harvesting Values at IndianOil

SAFIM conducted a one-day workshop on ‘Harvesting Values’ at IndianOil Institute for Petroleum Management (IIPM), Gurgaon on 27th November 2014.

Ms. Kavita Ray, associate of SAFIM, facilitated the workshop for 27 senior executives of Indian Oil.

There is at present a general agreement among progressive thinkers in business and management that values are the foundation of long-term effectiveness of an organization. However there is not much systematic thinking on the applied aspects of values or in other words how to realize these values in the inner being and the outer life of the individual and collectivity. This workshop focused on the application of values and ethics in day-to-day corporate context, based on the insights of an integral yogic psychology.

This highly interactive and reflective workshop addressed the challenges in understanding and practicing values in life. It stressed on the inner cultivation of values to ebb out the conflicts between the outer life and the inner inclination.The workshop was facilitated using various audio-visual tools, case-studies and reflective questionnaire.

All participants took active role in the workshop and enjoyed each session which is reflected in their written feedback.


Overall rating: 9.7

Feedback :

This workshop was very good to aware one self’s values and its act as ethics.Hope this will help in our real day to day work. – Joydeb Manna, Senior executive.

It is a wonderful session, not expected at all. The program is not only aiding to look into nessesary but also motivate to a large extent which will not help organisational requirement but also personal. – K.Naveen kumar, Senior Manager.

Workshop was very interactive. Videos selected were great visuals. It was pleasing and fun both, whole day to learn value of ethics in life and workplace. Especially video about Dr.V was outstanding. – Alok Mathur, Senior Manager.

Personally I believe that I am having higher value. Today’s discussion also confirms that and it motivates me even further improvement. – Manas Biswas, Senior Manager.

Very good session and the way basic was explained with live examples of real life was very expressive and effective. – Aman kumar sinha, Senior Manager .

The workshop could stimulate me to think of values and ethics followed by me and also imbibed the desire to raise it to the next level. – Dr.Alex pulikottil, Senior executive.

This type of workshop is very essential in today’s context with conflicting and eroding value system. It just stimulates our senses and conscience. - Prasanta Sarkar, Senior Manager.