Harvesting Values: Adding Worth to Living

“Harvesting Values”, an open workshop based on the theme of ‘Adding Worth to Living’, was conducted by SAFIM on 18-19th July 2014 at Pondicherry.

The highly interactive and reflective workshop addressed the challenges in understanding and practicing values in life. It stressed on the inner cultivation of values to ebb out the conflicts between the outer life and the inner inclination.

The workshop was facilitated using various audio-visual tools, case-studies and reflective questionnaire.

The workshop was attended by a diverse group of participants – from across the world. At the end of the 2-day workshop the participants had several takeaways in terms of tools, new ideas and new approaches to issues related to values.

Feedback from inspired participants – like the following – in turn inspired SAFIM to plan for more such workshops in the future.

“It was excellent. It provided me with tools/help to approach self-retrospectives more holistically, provided me with set of guidelines/framework for watching myself making decision based on values.” – Mr. Dhaval Dalal, Software Artisan

“The workshop was based on practical every day examples which makes it pertinent. It helped in rejuvenating the process of reminding myself of keeping/being aware in all situation.” – Mr. Aritra Ghosh, Chartered Accountant

“Very relevant, much appropriate in the present scenario.” – Dr. G. Shrikanthan

“Workshop was perfect. Fully satisfied…amazing experience.” – Preeti Chaudhury, Management Consultant