Future Leaders’ Programme – Igniting Lights for Tomorrow at Rajalakhsmi School of Business, Chennai

SAFIM started the 30 hour credit course “Future Leaders Programme – Igniting Lights for Tomorrow” for the second batch of MBA students of Rajalakhsmi School of Business, Chennai.

‘Future Leaders Program’ is based on the factors raised in the FICCI report of 2010 on the employability quotient of graduates gathered from a questionnaire sent to employers of multiple sizes and verticals. According to the report, the skills on demand are related to personal attitude and applicability of knowledge rather than domain or technology. This program deals with the qualities that enable individuals to envisage a dynamic vision for the future, to harness the potential within them to deliver the vision into a successful reality and to contribute in the larger social orb that extends beyond the boundaries of their work and personal life. The program is facilitated in an experiential format to help assimilate and actualize the learning more effectively.

The first of the programme series was held on 29th July 2016 at RSB campus, Chennai facilitated by Professor Saikat Sen, Rupa, Azhaguraja, SAFIM.

There was avid participation from the students in the interactive session.