Future Leaders’ Program (FLP) for Medical Student at JIPMER, Pondicherry

This program deals with the qualities that enable individuals to envisage a dynamic vision for the future, to harness the potential within them to deliver the vision into a successful reality and to contribute in the larger social orb that extends beyond the boundaries of their work and personal life. The program is facilitated in an experiential format to help assimilate and actualize the learning more effectively.

The program was held for the first year M.B.B.S students of the JIPMER, Puducherry at their campus for four days in the month of July 2016.


Various sessions of the program was conducted by the following facilitators from SAFIM:

  • Professor Saikat Sen, Director, SAFIM
  • Rupa S, Senior Associate, SAFIM and Director, Partnership and Outreach, Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry


The program was really superb, enthusing, motivating, … taught us the essence of a true leader. Hence it was a great pleasure for us to be a part of this session. I hope that some of the qualities would surely come by end of 4th year of MBBS course. - Sankhadip Saha, JIPMER.

The programme helped in self-reflection, the right attitude to carry and elucidated upon the importance of self-awareness and ethical values. – Vignesh. H, JIPMER.

The program was awesome. I really came to know what leadership truly is. Everyone needs a program like this. Definitely the teacher – student interaction was awesome. Hope we get more programs. – Arun Ramji K., JIPMER.

It was simply excellent. It has been so good that it cannot be easily described in words. It made me aware about lot of skills that I can and should cultivate in myself to became a good leader and hence a great doctor. Simply brilliant…- Ekamjeet Singh Sidhu, JIPMER.

A brilliant initiative, I must admit! The various methods used in the sessions to teach us about leadership were very innovative. We were taught in a very “easy- to-grasp” way which is indeed worthy of applause. We indeed have a lot of lessons to learn from today’s class and it surely will instill in us the various attributes that a leader ought to possess. – Sayan Mukherjee, JIPMER.

I have a positive vibe inside me after this programme. This is the most interactive session I ever had in the foundation course till now. It makes me more excited about the things that are in for me in the future. – Janarthanan Ilangovan, JIPMER.

I have no words to say…. I get something which was lost from me… – Anjali K., JIPMER.

I feel elated to have attended this program. It brought out the seeds of the leadership qualities in us. Fantastic.. – Anantharaman Q, JIPMER.

It is more interesting for me to know about my-self and my mind, thoughts, emotions and feelings. I can also look at my future dreams and tasks. – R. Abhiram, JIMPER.

It was a really very good and interesting program. We learnt about which qualities we should inculcate in ourselves to become a good doctor as well as a good leader and how to handle challenges and control our emotions and thoughts. – Debasmita Saha, JIPMER.

The program was really inspiring & informative. It helped us develop an understanding of ourselves. I personally feel that this was the session where I was most energetic & creative. The activities were really good. – Rashmi Thomas, JIPMER.

I feel great. It just shattered my ideas about a class on leadership which I used to think would be conventional. It is fun to learn the way we did. It is the best foundation course class. – M. Mallikarjuna, JIPMER.

It was the most entertaining and interactive session of the entire foundation course. I liked the way things were taught rather than merely giving lectures. We were made to participate in activities to make learning all the more enjoyable. – Mahak Kr. Surana, JIPMER.

Leadership is a quality that is essential in the life of a doctor and the program has enabled us to mould ourselves into effective leaders. The different ways of looking at leadership qualities and ways of inculcating them were discussed in a very effective way. – A. Vasanti, JIPMER.

It was a very interesting and interactive program opening up mind to some unknown realms. It was quite educative and hopefully learning of it stays with us for lifetime. – Kushal Doshi, JIPMER.

It was very interactive and activity filled session. It was a very interesting way of learning about leadership skills and how to develop them including the moral values and ethics. - Apoorva Bhatt, JIPMER.

So, good, so interesting, really amazed, didn’t get bored any time, very good and a very inspiring class. The one of the best of our foundation course. – L. Tarun, JIMPER.

It was awesome. In all these classes which we have attended it was the most interactive class. The activities, skit and other sessions helped me in turning from introvert to extrovert. I have also learned how to plan things with others and be self-aware. – M. Sai Vidya, JIPMER.

The program was great with an insight into the mind of a leader. The hands on interactive session and the short inspiring videos were a treat to watch. To sum it up, it was a fun way of learning. – Ronit Juthani, JIMPER.

It was one of my favourite that I ever came across. I would have never spoken in front of the audience the way I did today and I feel proud. It was such an amazing session. I really feel oriented. – Reekul Rathore, JIMPER.

It was the most enjoyable as well as learning oriented session. It was the only session where I got to participate intently and it was fun learning along by doing activities. – Oman Perme, JIMPER.

The program was very good. It helped us a lot to know more about the life of a doctor, challenges of that life more over it helped to realise our selves. It was very informative and helpful. – Theertha K. T., JIMPER.

I really liked the program and felt it was helpful in making us think about our future and leadership in general. The activities were fun and the teachers were really nice. – Shevayan Srivastava, JIMPER.

I feel such programs enthuse people with moral values and more of all knowing the self – the prime important values in leadership. Moreover, in the life of a doctor, there is stress and inspirations drawn from such programs can help us to cope with such situations. – Soumya Jyoti Raha, JIMPER.

This program was really exhilarating, motivating and thought provoking. It dragged my attention and was helpful to discover myself. – V L Momini, JIPMER.