Future Leader Programme

SAFIM conducted a 10-weeks(January to March 2016) Certification program called “Future Leader Programme”

( Igniting Lights for Tomorrow) for 3rd trimester PGDM students of Rajalakhsmi School of Business, Chennai. Sessions of the programme held at RSB campus, Chennai. Students actively participated in the programme.

In this trimester the following topics were covered:

Innovation, Vision, Interpersonal Skills including Stakeholder Management and Negotiation Skills; Stress Management, Conflict Management, Empathy and Social Responsibility.

Live projects on the development of Institute campus also assigned to the students that they can learn development, planning, and implementation of a campus based project and get the first-hand experience. They have completed the project with efficiency and presented in front of the facilitators of SAFIM and RSB Director.


I find something positivity within myself after every session, I imagine of a situation where I lacked the skills taught in the class. – Bibhutesh Nayak, 2nd trimester PGDM student, RSB, Chennai

Really I had a great experience from your program. It help me to think out of the box and it help to bring many innovative ideas. “Gratitude” – it not only impacted me, it has an impact on every one in class, I can see that lively in my class. – Vignesh. B, 2nd trimester PGDM student, RSB, Chennai