Future Leader Program at Auro University, Surat

Saikat Sen, Director, Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management (SAFIM) conducted 3-day training programme on ‘Future Leader Programme—Igniting Lights for Tomorrow’, for Post Graduate students of Family Managed Business (FMB) of Auro University, Surat. This program deals with the qualities that enable students to envisage a dynamic vision for the future, to harness the potential within them to deliver the vision into a successful reality and to contribute in the larger social orb that extends beyond the boundaries of their work and personal life. The program is facilitated in an experiential format to help assimilate and actualize the learning more effectively.

The programme was highly appreciated and the students actively participated in all the sessions.

Along with lectures, the teaching and learning process included learning through case studies, interactive technology linked exercises, learning through music, movies, games, theatres, videos, and student led activities. The entire program was experiential in nature.

The program also enabled students open up, imbuing them with self-confidence & enthusiasm. A lot of reflective sessions help them to understand about their self leading to discovery of inner potential. Beside class activities each student was given assignment at the individual level and was analysed and evaluated by the facilitators of SAFIM to help them to develop those qualities.

Live projects also assigned to the students that they can learn development, planning, and implementation of a project and get the first-hand experience.


This is the best program I have attended in this course. This program is very much helpful for me for knowing myself. Most interesting I find in this programme is activities we did because the activities helps me to know myself very closely. – Himalay Nitin Rana, Family Managed Business, Auro University, Surat.

One of the best workshop I have attended, never have I known so much about myself.  – Swapnil Goyal, Family Managed Business, Auro University, Surat. Auro University.

This workshop was amazing. Learnt new things from it and made things worth to remember. – Tej, Family Managed Business, Auro University, Surat. .

Feeling was awesome. We came to know more about ourselves. We came to know about our own qualities, priorities, weakness and all important values. We learned even to develop more leadership qualities. – Zalak Ponkia, Family Managed Business, Auro University, Surat.

Due to this program I came to know my capabilities, my weakness and how can I work on it. Even I got to know myself more and how to react in the different situations during the work time, how we can bring inner peace and the results also I can feel… I feel a total change in myself. The individual coaching was the most interesting. Overall the programme was so good (fun, knowledge, practical). – Priyal Donda, Family Managed Business, Auro University, Surat.

The program let me realize my capabilities. This program was in itself very interesting as daily interaction was possible. It was not regular hours lecture as lectures basically are. This program also helped one to know about their weakness and strengths. The practical part of it is most interesting. – Devisha Patel, Family Managed Business, Auro University, Surat.

Really enlightened… I came to know more about myself. All bad things in me were known to me. My specializations are & will be enhanced. – Shyam Rungta, Family Managed Business, Auro University, Surat.

Very Enriching & helpful on a personal level. I know myself more now. Self-Analysis and all the activities are really helpful. – Rhydey Jariwala , Family Managed Business, Auro University, Surat.

It was very useful and it was very helpful for improving me. – Chaitanya Shah, Family Managed Business, Auro University, Surat.

Got the clarity of quality I have & I don’t have. Found the importance of knowing our self. Found situations which trigger my thoughts and emotions. It is a good week after a long time, learned something different. Relaxation session was most interesting.– Pratik Nakrani, Family Managed Business, Auro University, Surat.