Matrikunj – Land for Cultivation of Self

SAFIM’s aspiration towards integral transformation of the world through a change of human consciousness finds its physical embodiment in Matrikunj, the Sri Aurobindo Society (SAS) center for research in organic farming.

The aim is to build an International Training Institute of SAFIM in this scenic nature-bounded habitat of tranquility. Here, nestled in surroundings where the human spirit is in sync with its natural ambience, the individual aspiration for a more evolved self will be nurtured in the right environment to help it towards its path of realization.

Away from the whirlwind of activities and the chaos of an unstable corporate scenario, the leadership and the management executives will get a beautiful opportunity to explore their inner selves, experiment with their thoughts, emotions and potentials, discern the unified field of consciousness and develop a strong connection with it so that, here on, life and work have a greater significance and are more holistically successful.

It is a unique project with a firm focus on a more glorious future, made up of individuals who are better qualified than before to handle the new and unseen challenges of tomorrow. To turn those challenges into opportunities in the path to inclusive progress is the haloed aim of this project.

Ambience – Learn and Grow amidst a Natural Farm

Matrikunj, ‘Mother’s Garden’, is a 43 acre natural farm in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu, 10 kilometers west of Pondicherry.  Sri Aurobindo Society developed it as their center for research on eco-farming and green architecture since 2003.

Surrounded by the quiet wide Usteri Lake which has a blooming lotus field near one of its banks and whose small islands are home to hundreds of seagulls, Matrikunj is a true oasis of peace.

Far from the city boundaries, Nature in its avatar of green serenity is a live companion in Matrikunj. One can experience the surrounding silence permeating into the soul – making the self more open and receptive to higher learning.

Infrastructure – Eco-friendly Green Architecture

The calm and peace offered by Nature at Matrikunj is the core theme of the infrastructure of the training center. Consequently, in the campus, there will be a lot of open space and ample opportunity to learn and live amidst nature. Keeping the natural surroundings in mind, the infrastruture will conform to eco-friendly and green architectural techniques.

The proposed key features of the institute are:

            • Residential facility for 100 participants and faculty with fully-furnished rooms
            • Main conference hall equipped with latest audio-visual facilities to accommodate 300 participants with flexible structure to enable easy re-assembling for smaller gatherings
    • Well-equipped break-out rooms for participants
    • Library with latest technology support housing books and journals on a wide variety of subjects to cater to the interests of the residents providing ample individual space to the readers
    • Cyber-café integrated with the library with high speed internet facilities serving as a high-tech laboratory for research
    • A meditation hall aiming to serve as the hub of the holistic learning center
    • Ultra-modern fitness center with an attached gym providing emphasis on healthy life-style conducive to an integral development of self
    • Well-equipped kitchen and dining services serving healthy food, mostly organic
    • An auditorium to stage cultural and musical soirees