To create a beautiful, harmonious organisation of outer life on the foundation of values and a beautiful inner consciousness.

The Need

The metrics defining success and strength of an organization were hitherto confined to the measures of productivity, efficiency, profit and wealth creation as the hard-core indicators and customer service, quality and employee retention as the softer parameters.

However, there is a visible unrest in the contemporary corporate world today. Realization dawns that these metrics although important as the bottom line goals of the essential Dharma of business and its basic survival needs are no longer sufficient.

Ethics, values, ecology, new standards of quality and customer satisfaction, constant innovation, balancing the needs of local cultures with global realities are the more difficult challenges facing multinationals today.

There is, thus, renewed questioning of existing objectives, scope and contents of business and management, and a search for a greater and more fulfilling synthesis.

The subsequent evolution of corporate focus from merely generating wealth to establishing values and disseminating social responsibility is a clear indication of the awakening of its urge to find and realize its true purpose in the larger human world. It is understandably beyond the scope of the current management practices to steer business world towards the new destiny that it seeks. New paradigms of corporate management need to be understood and implemented to help the corporate in this illumined path.

The need to pause and take a new path is here and now. Perceived and endorsed by thought leaders in every arena. Intellectual energies of the world are seeking for a channel for their true realization.

The Approach – Management by Consciousness

SAFIM brings an evolutionary perspective to the challenge by defining new paradigms through Integral Management. In this, the four dimensions of human life – physical, vital, mental and spiritual – are developed harmoniously across each unit of management – individual to organizational.

Without rejecting intellect or reason or any of the existing powers that have brought progress to world and the human species, SAFIM proposes to transform these, awaken the faculties beyond their existing limitations and enable the connect between man and his innate consciousness – the life-centre of all the possibilities in a human being.

The aim is to enable the work-force, as individuals as well as collectively in a group and subsequently in the organization, to be more conscious and more connected with their inner potentials and to let the higher unified consciousness guide and harmonize all activities in their work.

SAFIM’s transformational programs are based on the conviction that the seeds of the much-needed value-based leadership, innovation and harmoniously progressive work culture can be sown and cultivated in the depths of one’s consciousness.


In a transformation of human consciousness lies not only the fulfillment of humankind’s age long aspirations but also the solution to the crisis facing the corporate world today.

It is the aspiration and endeavor of SAFIM to work towards this transformation.