Core Team

People on a Mission

Although they come from diverse backgrounds, all members of the SAFIM team have one common trait. A very tangible, strong and deep conviction in SAFIM’s vision. Integral management is not merely a theory in SAFIM’s workspace – it is a practice and each member is committed to establish this practice in the larger world.

Each member of SAFIM comes with strong foundation in academic or corporate world with long and successful careers in different top-tier institutes and organizations. Interestingly, each one, when they came, blended seamlessly in SAFIM’s environment – an environment that exudes inexplicable harmony in its unique blend of very hard-core business elements with spiritual light.

Individually, each member of SAFIM, aims and strives for the consciousness connect and self-awareness that SAFIM’s vision is based on. Together, through their activities in research, workshops and publications, they work, in collective consciousness, towards realizing SAFIM’s vision of a truly beautiful and enlightened life.


The Key Ones

M. S. Srinivasan

Founder-Member and Senior Associate, SAFIM

Chief-Editor, FDI

As the founder-member of SAFIM, its vision is as vivid and real to Srinivasan as the seascape that is visible from his office. SAFIM is the arena of his personal sadhana and the intensity and depth in his research are thus self-inspired.

Srinivasan’s role in SAFIM is multi-faceted. As Senior Associate, he is the lead contributor in SAFIM’s research in the field of Integral Management. He is also part of the training team where he works in the background developing corporate workshop structure and training modules based on SAFIM’s research. He is also the Chief Editor of the monthly e-journal of SAFIM “Fourth Dimension Inc. – Towards Integral Management” (URL:

By profession, Srinivasan is an Electrical and Electronics engineer and has served in various corporate and PSUs. His professional career had interesting interludes of self-developmental phases which he spent in spiritual quests travelling across India.

He is having more than three decades of high-quality innovative research experience in various fields of knowledge.  The main theme of his studies and research is an integral-spiritual approach to human development and its application to various fields of knowledge and activities of life with a dominant interest and focus on Management, Psychology, Social Sciences and Indian Culture.

His articles on management and related subjects have appeared in many reputed management and professional journals. Many have been recognized with awards.


Mezjan Dallas, Senior Associate

Mezjan Dallas currently heads University Programs at IBM India. He has over 18 years of experience in the IT Industry & has worked with IBM for the past 15 years.

In his current role as Leader of University Programs at IBM India, he is responsible for employer branding & technology evangelization initiatives at Universities.

Prior to this, he has held a range of management roles in software product development. He has also successfully run a host of talent management & internship programs. He has also program managed a set of IBM Software Lab wide incubation projects under the guidance of the CTO for the lab. Mezjan is also a frequently invited speaker as a business facilitator for IBM Leadership programs being conducted both within & outside of India. Mezjan is passionate about education talent management & people management.