A talk on India

Sumitro Sengupta delivered a talk on “Indiaat Pondicherry on 25th  and 27th January 2016 for a group of corporate leaders from Geneva, Switzerland on a discerning tour of India

It focused on the following:

The Origin –  In the “Journey of Man” aired by the National Geographic channel, genetic scientist Spencer Wells says the first wave of migration of early man from Africa took place 60,000 years ago along the continent’s east coast to India. Genetic mapping of local populations provided the evidence, how the name India came to be, the Indus valley civilisation, the Aryan Invasion myth, the basis of Hinduism – Sanatan Dharma- what it means, it’s significance, the basis of it and how it is a way of life, the various invasions that followed, Brihat Bharat- what it means- explained the undivided Indian map as is in the play ground, advent of Buddhism, the glorious India – pioneering  in every field, the Muslim invasions and the start of the decline- advent of superstitions barbaric practises in the name of religion like sati,untouchability, the British rule – the good and the bad, India’s struggle for freedom –  some freedom fighters and events that were of importance, the Renaissance- advent of Swami Vivekananda & Sri Aurobindo, Sri Aurobindo and his life in brief, the Mother and her life in brief, India post Independence- the trials,tribulations and triumphs.