4-day workshop at TISS, Mumbai on “Self- Governing Leadership”

Social Entrepreneurship is the field in which budding entrepreneurs with their innovative ideas try to find solutions of the social problems. But to understand truly the problem of others need to connect deeply with own self and surroundings.

This 4-day training programme explores the deeper aspects of Leadership in Social Entrepreneurship in an integral and holistic consciousness perspective.


The entire program was conducted by Professor Saikat Sen, Director, SAFIM.

The program was held for the 2nd and 4th semester students of MA in Social Entrepreneurship of Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, School of Management, Tata Institute for Social Sciences, Mumbai, from 26th to 30th November 2015.

This program deals with the qualities that enable students to envisage a dynamic vision for the future, to harness the potential within them to deliver the vision into a successful reality and to contribute in the larger social orb that extends beyond the boundaries of their work and personal life. The program is facilitated in an experiential format to help assimilate and actualize the learning more effectively.


These few days I have realized that how little I know about the things around me, how little about myself…The experience which I have gained during the sessions is huge and achieved self-confidence and courage. I have now a new energy and divine force to guide me into the glorious path where I can find my relevance in the world.- Ujjwal Nandam, PG student, CSE, TISS, Mumbai

The very first thing that comes to my mind is that we are all interconnected,…learning this at this stage of my life led me to think can it be made practical, can a business run on this concept and so on…This is something I would like to work on.- Brajesh Kumar Singh, PG student, CSE, TISS, Mumbai

According to me, the class was very effective, nice and very interactive session with the playing activities. I really enjoyed the class and it was my first time, attending a very fruitful workshop. The topic of the workshop was a very general one on leadership of which many of us aware. But in this class I learnt new things, which I never come across in my life. Through this class, I became aware about myself, my good areas and my short comings, and at last – “Believe in your dream, and you will achieve it.” Well as I am planning to start up my own NGO, I think it very important to have a leadership quality. As I learnt here like emotion intelligence, believing yourself etc. Which has touched my heart one or the other, gave me a kind of boost-up that whatever we imagine, we do. As I would like to work in the field of education, I think this a good platform that I learnt through this workshop, which gave me a sense of courage for great service to the people towards a good society, where everyone will be equal. -Sandip Kiso

The workshop helped me experience my emotions. It has helped me realize how I am perceived at the same time has helped me think beyond the material world. The workshop was interactive, fun and emotional. I realized my weakness and areas which need improvement. It also taught me team-work and the actual meaning of values like – empathy, perseverance, faith, innovation and imagination. The best part was that “It brought out the child in me” It has taught me to think out of the box. Motivated me further about the reason I am here today – which is to take risk – ‘convert my idea into action’. I would say that I was losing my vision over time and this workshop came just in time to encourage me. This workshop was refreshing and has made me a “better human being”. – Aditi Aiyyer

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