3-day Retreat “Science of Living: Towards Life Beautiful”

A 3-day retreat “Science of Living: Towards Life Beautiful” was recently concluded on 28th to 30th December 2015 which aimed individuals and families including children to explore one’s true purpose of life and find beauty, peace and harmony in one’s daily life through a deeper understanding of oneself and the various aspects of one’s life.

Through interactive sessions held for adults, facilitators (Saikat and Rupa) presented the subtle elements of life and true meaning of different aspects of life like health, career, money, relationship etc..

Through insightful discussions and self-observations, the participants sought deeper definitions of these essential components and reflected on the true purpose of life.

While adults were engaged in their search for life’s true purpose, children aged between 5 to 9 years, were engrossed in exciting experiential activities (facilitated by Sushanto, Surabhi, Krishna, Kiran, Rathi) involving imagination, creativity, memory, observation, concentration, and physical skills of control, agility and balance and also exploring and befriending nature.

The workshop progressed weaving the separate sessions for adults and children with the combined sessions of bonding. Adults and children revivified and connected to each other through outbound activities at Sri Aurobindo Society’s rural training centre SHARANAM.

It was a fitting culmination to the 3 days of the experiential journey – that unraveled many opportunities to make life beautiful.


it’s a great learning experience for the entire family and these learnings will make a difference in daily life…making it more beautiful. Applying the tools for life beautiful will certainly improve the quality of life. – V.Bhaskar, Chennai

The overall experience of the workshop is very excellent. This workshop enhanced my knowledge and gave the guidelines to lead my life beautiful.I had realized the real purpose of life. – R.Ragu, Director, Chemin Instrumentation, Puducherry

The overall experience is awesome !!! I never expected that it will be so practical and down-to-earth. Special thanks to the thoughtful facilitators for making our experience a memorable one. I wish more people should get benefited by these kind of workshops. – Krishnaprem T.J., Bengaluru